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About Metro Quiltworks

Applique Quilt Patterns - Metro Quiltworks

A fresh look at quilt design

Metro Quiltworks owner Diane Dixon has been involved with the creative arts world for over twenty-five years and has a Fine Arts bachelor's degree in Painting.

For the past ten years, Diane has been focusing on quilting and most recently is designing her own applique quilt patterns for Metro Quiltworks. She has also been a member of The American Quilter's Society  and The National Quilting Association.

Shows and Awards

Purrfect Baskets was invited to exhibit at the National Quilting Association's 38th Annual Quilt Show. The special exhibit of Basket quilts was held during the annual show June 7 - June 9, 2007. Diane received a special ribbon for this exhibit.

Floral Splash, Lily Pad Pond, Purrfect Baskets, Pardon My Pink, and Fallen Out of Fashion Vest have received past awards from the NJ State Fair

Diane has also displayed her quilts at the Garden State Quilters show, the Lower Berkshire Valley quilt display, the NJ Quilt Convention, and the Indiana Heritage quilt show

Diane Dixon - Metro Quiltworks